The Attainment Network

The Big Idea

To position a collective impact initiative, focused on educational attainment, to scale.

The Opportunity

The Attainment Network originally came to us as The Denver Education Attainment Network (DEAN), a collective impact initiative focused on increasing educational attainment, closing equity gaps, and creating connections for better workforce opportunities. With a strong local presence established, DEAN was ready to scale with a new brand identity.

The Solution

Waypoint Collective knew that DEAN’s brand identity needed to be founded on a strong name so we dove into the discovery process to find a way to differentiate DEAN and highlight its role in aligning and galvanizing partners, which is how The Attainment Network came to be. Then we created new messaging, visual identity, brand guide, and business suite, which served as a strong basis for new infographic illustrations and a fully redesigned website.

The Creative

We held discovery with key decision-makers and completed a scan of the competitive marketplace to rename the brand and create messaging that would articulate their value proposition, connect to the new name, and appeal to audiences.

Based on the new messaging, we knew it was important to build the new visual identity, brand guide, and business suite on the idea that The Attainment Network drives collaboration, delivers measurable impact, and accelerates systems change.

The Attainment Network_Logo_FullColor_RGB_1.17.22
The Creative

We developed new infographic illustrations to help demonstrate who The Attainment Network is, why they exist, their theory of change, and their impact.

The Creative

The redesigned website weaved together The Attainment Network’s new messaging, visual identity, and illustrations to create a visually dynamic experience. Before the new website launched, we created a modal announcement so they could tease the new brand evolution. See their new website.

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