Braven Environmental

The Big Idea

Business sense and environmental sense can be one in the same.

The Opportunity

Braven Environmental had developed remarkable technology that converts single-use plastics into second-life uses including game-changing alternate fuels. Their pilot plant was ready to begin processing tons of single-use plastics, dramatically reducing the carbon footprint for municipalities and businesses across the nation and the globe. Yet visibility was hard to achieve in a crowded marketplace of others who promised similar solutions, but were years away from being operational.

The Solution

Waypoint Collective started by delving deep into the competitive landscape and audience motivations within this burgeoning industry. We then used the insights derived to develop a strong brand and corresponding messaging to make Braven's clear market advantage obvious through straightforward and confident language and clearly defined unique differentiators. The creative sought to make a complex and technical process accessible and client-focused and evoked the simplicity and ease of the turn-key partnership model they had developed. We heavily featured imagery and video from their pilot plant, making clear that the solution was not just an idea, but fully operational and prepared to immediately begin diverting single-use plastics from landfills and waterways into useful second life materials.

The Creative

The Waypoint team spent two days capturing footage at Braven’s pilot facility in Zebulon, North Carolina for dynamic assets to support the brand.

The Creative

We developed a clean identity that evokes the promise of both environmental sustainability, and business ease, and extended it into a full suite of brand assets including apparel for the entire Braven team from leadership to the front line.

Braven Logo
Braven Circle Logo
Screen Shot 2020-10-24 at 3.42.16 PM
Braven Letterhead_website
Braven Uniform
The Creative

We extended the new messaging, imagery and video into a new website. Explore

Braven Website 3
Braven Website 2
Braven Website 4
The Creative

We also sought to simplify the complex, proprietary Braven process into terms that made the solution, and its benefit to the environment, crystal clear.

Braven Animation 1
Braven Animation 3
Braven Animation 2
The Creative

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