The Big Idea

A brand and urgent call to action to bring together the Faith community to support an exceptional education for every child.

The Opportunity

FaithBridge was a developing organization looking to leverage incredible community enthusiasm into a movement to improve access to quality schools, and ensure positive educational outcomes, for every student in Denver.

The Solution

Waypoint Collective was honored to help build a brand, assets, tools and events that supported FaithBridge’s incredible momentum. We developed a visual language that speaks both to the goal of unification of Faith communities of all kinds, as well as to the ultimate goal of quality education for every child.

The Creative

We developed an identity that leans into the mission of the group to unite and connect, while also keeping the elevation of their students and their educational opportunities front and center.

The Creative

We developed a website intended to be, above all, functional as a capture point for the engagement of a diverse slate of individuals in a variety of roles. We simplified and used clean visual language to break down the complex options for involvement, and created conversion tools to move visitors from curiosity into action. Explore

FaithBridge onepager front
FaithBridge onepager back
The Creative

We designed print materials for distribution at a wide array of events—from Faith gatherings, to community meetings, to school distribution and beyond.

FaithBridge image 2
FaithBridge event invite
FaithBridge Card

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