Invest In Kids Annual Report

The Big Idea

Invest in Kids experienced a year of growth and adaptation unlike any they’d seen in their 22-year history, and it was essential that the 2020 Annual Report reflect that.

The Opportunity

Invest in Kids is a trusted, established force in the early childhood development space, bringing three proven national programs to Colorado to elevate the success of every young child and their family. With the addition of a new program, and the rapid pivot to serve through a pandemic, their annual report needed to serve a more dynamic and compelling storytelling role.

The Solution

Waypoint Collective designed an annual report that pushed the traditional Invest in Kids brand into a more vibrant space, and laid greater claim to the imperative role of the organization in implementing the proven programs in its portfolio. The result is a publication that offers greater clarity about how Invest in Kids is uniquely positioned to leverage tremendous impact on the lives of Colorado’s children now—and long into the future.

The Creative

We introduced new, vibrant complementary colors to the Invest in Kids brand palette, and shortened copy to have greater emphasis on the most imperative key messages and data points. View the full report.

IIK 2020-2021 Annual Report Image 1
IIK 2020-2021 Annual Report Image 3
IIK 2020-2021 Annual Report Image 2

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