LevelUp: Powered by SkillUp Coalition

The Big Idea

As SkillUp Coalition began its highly localized rollout in key U.S. markets they saw a need to both honor the national organization and allow each market to speak to the local market.

The Opportunity

The SkillUp Coalition knew that with the rollout of more localized chapters, there would be a need for consistency and clarity for each local chapter, and a child brand would be the way to achieve that goal. Additionally, creating a child brand would pave the way for seamless implementation on a local level and serve to amplify and enhance SkillUp’s brand awareness.

The Solution

Waypoint Collective supported SkillUp in creating their new child brand, LevelUp, accompanied by a unique visual identity, logo, and messaging that SkillUp’s Northern Nevada chapter could start implementing immediately. The localized naming structure, supporting messaging and accompanying visuals allow each chapter to differentiate themselves and incorporate their local market into the child brand while staying true to SkillUp’s established brand standards.

The Creative

Waypoint conducted focus groups with an initial market, Northern Nevada to dig into what was important to their local job seekers, partners and unique job market. We also led intensive discovery session with SkillUp to dig into the national brand.

Combining our learnings, we designed the LevelUp child brand to represent the SkillUp Coalition effort and each local market’s importance.

LevelUp Localization Logos
SkillUp LevelUp Map Localizations
The Creative

The new imagery and messaging work together to show that LevelUp partnerships bring the best of SkillUp resources together with an emphasis on local markets, worker needs and employer connections so that workers can level up their skills and claim their careers.

We brought it all together in a brand playbook that SkillUp could use to onboard each new local market, ensuring brand and messaging constancy.

SkillUp Creative 1
SkillUp Creative 2
SkillUp Creative 3

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