Nurse-Family Partnership 2019 Annual Report

The Big Idea

Infusing the Nurse-Family Partnership annual report with vibrant storytelling, dynamic content and a compelling and hopeful design.

The Opportunity

Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) is considered the gold standard in home visiting programs, and for 40 years has been making a remarkable impact in the lives of first-time mothers and their children. Their previous annual reports had a long editorial form, not fully leveraging the powerful human stories nor effectively conveying the stunning statistics and outcomes that define their work.

The Solution

Waypoint Collective conducted a creative process that resulted in a publication that, while on brand, also pushed the envelope into a more vibrant, hopeful and human-centric space. We significantly shortened the content of the book, and developed an interactive sneak-peek meta-site to draw users in.

The Creative

Bright, joyful photography was paired with creative execution of the “Ripple Effect” theme throughout, echoing the sense of progress and long-term impact that NFP is known for.

NFP Annual Report Cover image
NFP Annual Report 2019 Postcard
The Creative

Rather than a traditional long-form book, the entire report was digital. It was paired with a mailed postcard directing recipients to the webpage, while also calling out the most relevant wins for the year—ensuring the viewer was left with an impression of progress even if they did not visit the site. View the Annual Report digital experience.

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