The Big Idea

Creating a story that reflects the joy and fulfillment of becoming a foster family.

The Opportunity

Savio is a non-profit child wellness organization dedicated to keeping children with their families when destructive behaviors like abuse, neglect and addiction threaten to tear families apart. Temporary foster families are a key to Savio’s program model—families willing to offer stability and love while the biological family works to be reunited. Research shows that in Colorado alone, 500–1,000 additional foster families are needed to meet the needs of children who require foster care.

The Solution

Waypoint Collective conducted research with the internal Savio foster care team, and with longtime foster parents who could speak to the life-changing experience of opening their homes. We created new language and simple, inviting collateral intended to frame the deeply fulfilling process of becoming a foster care family and provide peace of mind around any expectations of challenges or bureaucracy related to the experience.

The Creative

We used tender photos to ensure the emotional aspect of fostering was emphasized, while keeping a clean design with ample white space to avoid overwhelming the viewer with anything resembling complexity of process.

Savio House brochure
Savio House brochure open page 1
Savio House brochure open page 2
Savio House Journey to Foster
The Creative

We replaced what had been pages of content about requirements and processes with a simple “Journey to Foster” illustration. Our goal was to share the approachability of the Savio process, and to draw audiences in to learn more from the foster care team about the logistics of application and vetting.


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