SkillUp Coalition

The Big Idea

Ensuring every worker has high opportunity employment.

The Opportunity

SkillUp Coalition needed a brand, messaging, and visual identity refresh to meet the moment as the economic landscape has changed since its inception in 2020. The coalition knew that they needed to shift from a message of economic recovery to helping workers achieve better living wage gateway jobs in healthcare, business, and technology; alongside launching local chapters that respond to the specific needs of workers in various sectors and across the national landscape.

The Solution

SkillUp is grounded in the value of Worker First. The new brand, and localized chapters, had to be similarly authentic, leveraging the voice of the audiences SkillUp serves, and the genuine community roots of the chapters driving their growth. Waypoint Collective conducted worker interviews and captured authentic stories which powered the messaging, including their inaugural annual Impact Report.

The Creative

Waypoint strengthened SkillUp’s value proposition to connect with national and local partners, funders, and workers, and we weaved in the LevelUp child brand messaging in an intentional and strategic way.

We highlighted who SkillUp is, their brand promise, mission, vision, beliefs, and tone of voice centered on the worker voice. We also updated their visual identity and highlighted their LevelUp Partnerships in a refreshed brand playbook.

The Creative

We conducted worker interviews and crafted content for a story series that would showcase SkillUp participant pathways and speak to other workers, partners, funders, and policymakers. We also designed a worker story template and social media images.

The Creative

We captured over two years of growth, performance and partnership in SkillUp's first-ever Impact Report. This document highlights the commitment to excellence, diversity and worker-first inclusion for this growing nonprofit coalition. Read the full report here >>>

SkillUp LevelUp Map Localizations
The Creative

We established a “child brand” for SkillUp’s local chapters, with unique and tailored visual identity, messaging and templates to help with the scaling of the brand. See the full LevelUp case study here >>>