Colorado Nonprofit Development Center

The Big Idea

Thriving, Compassionate Communities for all Coloradans

The Opportunity

For over 20 years, CNDC has been an essential part of Colorado’s philanthropic sector. They support leaders, create efficiencies, and foster innovation. After over 20 years of building credibility, supporting the nonprofit community, and benefiting changemakers, CNDC wanted to further develop their visual identity through a rebrand and new website.

The Solution

Waypoint Collective explored CNDC’s services, partnerships, and values to create a visual identity that balanced professionalism and credibility with community-building and authenticity. The new brand pillars we helped create demonstrate and celebrate CNDC’s impact and value, reflect the diverse communities their partners serve, and illustrate a more human-centric, mission-focused lens on their work. CNDC’s brand also centers their commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The Creative

Waypoint Collective developed a brand including a new logo mark that signals community, the intersection of talents and skills, and the collective impact of change-makers to make multi-faceted and lasting change.

We created a new color palette that is vibrant and balanced, unique in CNDC’s market, and represents the balance of professionalism and vibrance that make CNDC so distinct and authentic in their services and their space.

The Creative

Waypoint developed a new website that continues to build strong, trust-based, collaborative relationships in both its message and its user experience. Interested partners and projects are able to easily find eligibility for fiscal sponsorship, apply for CNDC’s services, and existing partners can navigate resources to further their missions and visions. See the full website >>>

Denver Department of Public Health and Environment

Empowering Denver’s communities to live better, longer.
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