Denver Kids

The Big Idea

Bringing to life the brand promise of a student-centered journey supported by a program with unparalleled breadth, depth and longevity.

The Opportunity

For 75 years, Denver Kids has helped unlock the potential of thousands of Denver Public Schools youth, empowering them to set goals for the future, and to feel confident and supported on their journey to achieve their dreams. After a merger with another youth-serving organization in 2019, and the significance of a 75th Anniversary in 2020, the timing provided the perfect opportunity to examine their brand position, messaging, visual identity and website—all important signals of their long standing brand promise.

The Solution

Waypoint Collective developed an identity that evokes every Denver Kids’ unstoppable path of growth and achievement. The mark also references the constant evolution the organization has undergone over 75 years, an agile and responsive approach that has allowed them to grow and flourish through drastically changing times, and to be uniquely suited to meet the ever-changing needs of students across the decades.

The Creative

The identity—full of motion, bold in color, modern and confident—is every bit a reflection of Denver Kids students and the team who work tirelessly to support their success.

Denver Kids 2
Denver Kids card back 1
Denver Kids card front
Denver Kids card back 2
The Creative
The Creative

We highlighted aspects of the Denver Kids program that makes it stand out alongside many other youth-serving organizations, distilling their unique value propositions into memorable and dynamic brand storytelling assets. Explore

The Creative

We produced a simple brochure and aggregated the impressive outcomes achieved by Denver Kids over 75 years, many of which had been buried in the legacy brand materials.

Denver Kids brochure full inside
Denver Kids brochure back cover
Denver Kids inside view 2
The Creative

We crafted an interactive timeline looking back at the last 75 years, and boldly setting intentions for the future. Explore the full timeline at

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